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What sets us apart from other law firms is the emphasis that we put on client satisfaction and our proven systematic approach to litigation. Client satisfaction is the most important aspect of our practice and it’s the firm’s mission to provide superior and distinctive services while building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none. Client satisfaction means everything to us and we work extremely hard to make your contact with our firm a pleasurable one (from the very first moment that you pick up the phone and call our office until your case is resolved).


What Our Clients Say

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The attorneys at Steve Corby Group are always prepared. They reviewed all relevant information and held sessions with us to strategize. They are aggressive advocates. They asked key questions to upset the opponents’ plan. They also made critical points in our favor during depositions which were very useful for later negotiations. They know how to get needed results, and they are committed to providing the highest quality of legal service. They were always reliable and provided quick responses. They are committed to 110 percent client satisfaction and are of the highest integrity Their fees are reasonable and well worth the value of their services. They had good accounting and an excellent fee structure. They are very familiar with employment law and protocol.
Ruben A. Stewart
I was involved in a very difficult business litigation case. I needed a strong knowledgeable attorney who would aggressively represent me. I interviewed three local attorneys along with Mr. Steve. Mr. Steve immediately recognized the laws that were being breached and stated I had a strong case. To my amazement, he was the only attorney I interviewed that saw this. The other attorneys recommended I settle. It was a hard road which Mr. Steve handled with a sharp, calm fortitude. He pushed my case to the limits, and I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. I am very grateful for Mr. Steve’s excellent legal representation. I realize if I had not met with Mr. Steve I would have had a very different legal outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Steve for your legal needs. A side note worth mentioning is that his office staff was very responsive and professional.
Amanda M. Barton
The attorneys from Steve Corby Group know how to get needed results and are committed to providing the highest quality of legal service. I believe that they are committed to ensuring the best result for their client. I trust them to be a strong advocate for my needs and the needs of my company. I think good service is based on knowledge and experience, and Steve Corby Group has both. The billing process was accurate and timely. I have always found Steve easy to work with and knowledgeable. The attorneys are always prepared and are extremely knowledgeable of the law. Having known Steve from a previous organization, I knew he would be thorough in his approach and work diligently to cover all the points necessary. I only recommend vendors with whom I have had a successful experience, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve.
Jennie R. Ramsey